Friday, 24 December 2010

Big fat quiz of the year 2010

Update- Answers added to questions - first post of the new year later

Hi all

To finish off my second year of blogging, here is a quiz for the festive season based on this years posts. The pictures may or may not have anything to do with the questions...

Most correct answers gets to do a guest post!

Answers in the New year - and a happy Christmas to you all!

1. Q: How are captive sand cats protected from lung diseases caused by excess humidity?
A: Dessicators

2. Q: How far can a Sugar Glider glide if the wind is right?
A: Perhaps 100m or more

3. Q; How is a rat kangaroo like a trained pig?
A: Truffles are eaten by both

4. Q: What do Sloth Moth larvae feed on?
A: Sloth dung

5. Q: What connects the actress Sarah Jessica Parker with a Blue-Streaked Lory?

A: They come from the Indonesian islands formerly known as the Spice islands, one of which was traded by the British for the then Dutch-controlled island of Manhattan, which of course where Sex and the City which starred SJP was set.

6. Q: The votsovotsa – what is it?
A: Malagasy Giant Jumping Rat Hypogeomys antimena

7. Q: What is the litter size of a Turkish Spiny Mouse Ascomys cilicicus?
A: 2-3

8. Q: How long can Keas live?
A: 50 years has been recorded

9. Q: Where do Black-Cheeked Lovebirds originate come from?
A: Zambia mostly

10. Q: How many wild forms of Sorbus are found in the Bristol area (including hybrids)
A: 16

11. Q: What is the preferred habitat of the Negros Bleeding Heart Dove Gallicolumba keayi?
A: Closed canopy forests under 1000m

12. Q: How high off the ground do Crowned Pigeons Goura make their nests?
A: up to 10m

13. Q: What do Nicobar Pigeons Caloenas eat?
A: seeds, fruit, and probably some invertebrates

14. Q: Which zoo monitors the captive population of European Turtle Dove?
A: Paignton

15. Q: About how old is the first described species of Ginkgo?
A: Around 90 mya, but the Ginkgoales dates back to the Permian, 270 mya

16. Q: What is the typical clutch size for a Turaco?
A: 2

17. Q: What do the larvae of Glasswing (Greta) butterflies feed on?
A: Cestrum

18. Q: How many genera of butterflies are classed as Morpho’s?
A: 3 – Morpho, Antirrhea and Caerois

19. Q: How far north in the US has the White Angled Sulphur butterfly been reported?
A: Nebraska

20. Q: What species of silk moth can usually be seen in the Butterfly House?
A: Giant Atlas Moth Attacus atlas and Rothschild’s Atlas Moth Rothschildea jacobeae

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